Thoreau's Flame Candle

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Our “Thoreau’s Flame” candle commemorates the life and legacy of Henry David Thoreau. 

Arguably, no historical figure has captured the essence of the Maine Woods more than Henry David Thoreau.  Philosopher, essayist, and naturalist are just a few of many titles bestowed upon him. Here at Frenchies’, we most admire Thoreau for sowing the earliest seeds of the American environmental movement.  Making three expeditions to Maine’s great North Woods (1846, 1853, 1857), Henry David Thoreau documented in great detail the flora, fauna, and peoples of this vast, unspoiled and—at the time—largely unexplored wilderness.  To this day, reading Thoreau’s “The Maine Woods” awakens the imagination and instills a deep appreciation for all things wild. 

Made with essential oils of balsam, pine and cedar—all native to the Maine Woods—this natural soy-based candle pays homage to all spirits past and present who LOVE THE WOODS.

6 oz.

Thoreau's Flame Candle