​How to use a Beard Moisturizing Spray or Beard Oil

​How to use a Beard Moisturizing Spray or Beard Oil

Posted by Matthew Dubois on Mar 15th 2021

These days, with work at home in quarantine, many guys are becoming mountain men… or at least they’ve got the beard for it! For those of us who sport facial hair, we know that over time it can get dried out, itchy, or “scratchy.” It also can develop knots or kinks that make combing it uncomfortable.

The best way to avoid this condition is to find a routine that involves moisturizing beard spray, beard oil, or beard balm. Confused about the differences between natural beard oil, natural beard wax and natural beard balm? You can try using a mixture of products or instead choose an all-in-one solution like Frenchies’Green Man Beard Spray. Green Man Beard Spray is the perfect way to keep your beard soft, moisture-rich, and itch-free by combining the benefits of oil and balm, with the self-hydrating power of vegetable glycerin. However, each person may use a daily routine that involves a moisturizing spray, lotion (try Frenchies’Balsam Bliss Hand & Body Lotion), beard oil, beard wax, and/or beard balm. And you should feel free to combine strategies in a way that works for you and your beard!

Two things are essential. First, to deliver and retain moisture on your whiskers themselves. Second, to deliver moisture under your beard to keep your skin from getting neglected and parched. It’s hard to reach and thoroughly nurture that skin with your everyday moisturizing lotion, but add a liquid moisturizing beard spray or oil which can easily reach the skin to provide nourishing natural oils to keep it soft and healthy, and to prevent the dreaded beard dandruff. But what is the best way to use a natural beard spray or beard oil, and the tips or tricks that will improve your facial hair routine? We’ve got you covered, with our review:

  • When and where do I apply? Apply your moisturizing spray or beard oil after you shower or wash with warm water and after you towel-dry your beard. You are trying to trap moisture in your whiskers and on your skin by applying the moisturizing ingredients. If you use a facial moisturizing lotion, apply that first. Then spray the beard moisturizer or apply on your beard directly, or onto a comb to work through the beard hair.
  • How much do I use? This will depend on how much facial hair you have! A moustache or goatee may require just a couple sprays, or 3-4 drops of oil. A full trimmed beard may require 5-8 sprays or drops of oil. A full mountain man beard may require 8-14 sprays or drops of oil.
  • How often to use it? Frankly, this depends on factors such as how humid is it where you are? If it’s wintertime, and your home’s heat is drying everything out, you will need to apply every day. But if you live in the tropics, or it’s summertime, you may be able to apply ever 2-3 days. Also, if you wash your beard with a drying soap, this may require more frequent application. Your experience will guide you in determining how often to apply.
  • Is there a best method for applying? Everyonewith a beard needs a comb. It doesn’t have to be an expensive comb, just a plastic one will do. The wooden ones are really nice though. However, the tine size and distance on the comb will depend on if you have straight beard hair, kinky beard hair, a thick mane, or wispy wizard locks. You can spray the beard moisturizer right on your beard or comb. If you are using a beard oil, you may need to put it on your fingers first and work it in with your hands, then comb it down through your facial hair.
  • What are the important ingredients that work? This is important. Beard oils should contain a high-quality moisturizing base oil such apricot kernel oil or grapeseed oil. If it’s made with soy oil, it’s probably better for your salad. A pre-application lotion or balm as part of your routine should also contain shea butter (as Frenchies’Balsam Bliss Hand & Body Lotion does). These ingredients help trap the moisture on your whiskers and skin. Frenchies’ Green Man Beard Spray contains a mixture of vegetable glycerin and woodland essential oils that actually draw moisture from the air into your beard throughout the day (vegetableglycerin is a humectant).
  • Consider the scent. Finally, but certainly not least, your beard moisturizer should have a pleasing natural scent that is not overpowering. As your beard grows, the amount you need to use may increase. Too strong a scent may mean the product will not work for you. Look for pleasing woodsy, woodland (like balsam fir), or unique and classic (like sweet fern, and fleabane) northern essential oils. Avoid medicinal smells (eucalyptus) or fake fragrances.

We hope you’ve found this information helpful in your search for the best natural beard moisturizer, best natural beard balm, best natural beard oil, or best natural beard wax! We believe that Frenchies’ Green ManBeard Spray is one of the best natural beard and facial hair moisturizers on the market today.