Our Story


Established in 2012, Frenchies’ Natural Products is a growing Maine company dedicated to making all natural products for people and their homes. Inspired by the lure, mystique and love of Maine’s great North Woods, our products are free from harsh chemicals and fragrances (we use only pure plant-based essential oil combinations), making them a healthier alternative to synthetically manufactured products which can be harmful to your health, as well as that of kids, pets, and the environment.

Frenchies’ was co-founded by Lou Demers and Matt Dubois. The name of our company is derived from Lou and Matt’s surnames of French-Canadian descent. The approximate English translation of Demers is “Of the Sea,” and for Dubois: “Of the Woods.” Perhaps our heritage is what fuels our love for essential oils, many of which are native and plentiful in New England like balsam fir, and cedar--the primary ingredient in our safe bug spray, Frenchies’ Maine Woods Bug Dope.

Frenchies’ is primarily a web-based business (shipping to anywhere within the U.S. and Canada) selling made in Maine products that also make great gifts. Some of our all natural products can be found at a limited number of retail stores in Southern and Central Maine. We also participate in numerous Maine fairs and festivals throughout the year, at which you may hear our recognizable slogan: “If you like balsam, you’ll LOVE Frenchies!”

Thank you for your interest in and patronage of our company—we are grateful for every customer and your satisfaction is our ultimate goal. We share a special kinship with our customers because we know that—like us—you LOVE THE WOODS (aimer les bois)!

- The Folks at Frenchies’

Sherpa Matt on the trail.

Lou and Lorax heading into the woods, protected by Frenchies’ Maine Woods Bug Dope, of course!