Stop Deerfly Patches

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One of the most common issues with our natural bug spray, Frenchies' Maine Woods Bug Dope, is that it works so well for flying biting insects that target your carbon dioxide output (See our FAQ page)... but that flying biting insects with compound eyes that target motion can outsmart any spray repellent that is masking your odor or carbon output.  As a result, we searched high and low for a mechanical fix to this problem.... and this is that fix. YOU WILL BE AMAZED.

Stop Deerfly Patches (by Tred Not (TM)) have no odor and no chemicals. They stick right on the back of your cap - where deerflies, horseflies, green heads, and biting houseflies all target.  Have you ever been on a hike or a walk and had the deerflies continually attempt to land and bite on the back of your neck or head?  They know you can't see from behind.  Well now, they will get stuck on the back of your hat!  Literally dozens of flies will end up on this Stop Deerfly Patch during a hike or walk.  It keeps them from biting you!

  • NO CHEMICALS, NO ODOR: Patch goes right on your hat and is totally non-toxic.
  • COMBINATION STOP BUG STRATEGY: Combined with Frenchies' Maine Woods Bug Dope, you'll be covered for all the predator insects of the North Woods, without toxic chemicals.

Package of 4 patches.

Directions: Remove white paper.  Press patch onto top/back of cap/hat firmly.  Hold patch firmly with thumbnail and rip off brown paper with a quick rip.  Don cap/hat. (Not for use with long blowing hair)

Stop Deerfly Patches

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