Tree Silhouette Cool Mist Electric Diffuser w/Essential Oil

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EQUSUPRO brand Tree silhouette cool mist electric diffuser is an ideal way to enjoy the pure essence of Frenchies' woodland essential oils. Metal and wood exterior, aromatherapy oil diffuser, ultrasonic cool mist, with waterless auto shut-off protection, 7 colors changeable LED.

  • 6" height, 3.6" width, holds 150 ml of water, round canister shape.
  • Each one is a work of art, 7 colors each either bright or dim.
  • Approximate 6 hours continuous mist, or 12 hour intermittent mist.
  • Ultrasonic quiet is perfect for sleeping.  BPA free reservoir.
  • Can be a nightlight only, mist only (no light), or both together.
  • Includes one 1/2 ounce of Frenchies' signature essential oils (your choice).

Directions: Add water to the internal reservoir; do not fill above the max fill line.  Add 5-10 drops of your favorite Frenchies' woodland essential oil.  Turn on continuous or intermittent.  Choose a light color and brightness if you wish. Sit back and enjoy your favorite natural scents!

*Unit should be cleaned every few days, or before storing, using a vinegar and water solution.  Scale and oil residue can disrupt the unit's vibration plate, resulting in less or no mist.

Tree Silhouette Cool Mist Electric Diffuser w/Essential Oil